Over a decade ago, my father was dying from lung cancer. I was a single mom, running a consulting business and now making numerous trips to the hospital with him for chemotherapy treatments and spending nights at his house during hospice care. Needless to say, it was emotionally and physically…

There are so many people in pain out there.  Try and set an example by being kind, caring, and giving.  You have no idea what others are going through.



This blog is in response to what appears to have become an epidemic of hostility in society today. I don’t know, maybe pandemic is more like it. All I know, and what many others have begun to observe, is that this hostility and complete lack of civility shown one another is reaching horrifying new…


Is anyone listening?


If you see this post and you agree that human kindness is sadly lacking in society today and that we can all of us, together, make a difference, please share this with others! Most movements have begun with just one individual standing up and raising the torch to pass on to others — please be there to accept it from one another if you care about what’s happening to our civilization.

Life is a journey — through harsh deserts and savage wilderness

By: Rosewood

It’s the truth. Life is difficult enough for human beings. Please think before you speak unkindly or judge others. Even the slightest gesture of human kindness can make all the difference in the world. Remember, it costs nothing to be civil to your fellow beings, and the outcome can be priceless.

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